Sunday, 26 October 2014


What an awful week! The flu outbreak warning, on my hazard tape decorations, has not been heeded and I find myself a victim. I'm pretty sure the adorable Mrs. K brought this strain of vicious superflu back with her from her last family visit to deepest, darkest Devon. Obviously, in my case it has mutated in to Welsh Man Flu, considered the most virulent and toxic strain of all Man Flu's.

As a result of my incapacitation production has taken a hit. I did manage something, just not as much as I had planned, prepped and almost completed for a Zombtober finale. That being said, every month is zombie month here at BZA so I'm sure you'll see them soon enough.

Right then, enough feeble excuses and on with the show. As has become regular we'll start with the introduction of an example of zombie art.

Another great piece by the outstanding GRIMBRO. I'm pretty sure most of you will recognise Tarman (played by actor and puppeteer Allan Trautman) from the 1985 movie The Return of the Living Dead, directed by Dan O'Bannon.  Allan Trautman made his name as a puppeteer working with Jim Henson and The Muppets.

Next order of business is to welcome some new followers. Time to drag the welcome wagon back out of the storage shed, dust it off and oil the squeaks, to welcome BZA's latest followers. We have three to welcome, so let's get on with it. First in line is Sean, WELCOME SEAN, he runs the Sean's Wargames Corner blog. Go check it out!
Next in line is Hunterpest, WELCOME HUNTERPEST, he runs Project Zeke Miniatures. Nice blog and he sells some cool mini's too.
Lastly, but not least is Roy Williamson. WELCOME ROY, he runs R W Hobby Blog. I think this is Roy aka gingerbhoy, he's had to set up a new blog having run in to technical trouble with his previous one.
Thanks for joining guys, get comfortable because this is going to take a long time.

Now, none of us like to admit to mistakes but it has been brought to my attention that I made a howler last post. It appears that I didn't tell you the zombies names, what an idiot. I would like to address this now.


So the zombie in the prison overalls is Govannon and the zombie in the bloodied jeans is called Iwan. Thank you all for not pointing this out and making me feel like a bigger clown than I already do.

Now let's get to this week's feeble offering. Yet again another conversion involving a set of Studio plastic legs and a Mantic torso and arms, the head came from the Mantic Deadzone zombie sprue just to change things up a little.

So without further ado I present my final 2014 Zombtober entry, Pebin.

Hey, at least he's in focus this time.


Well it ended with a whimper rather a bang, but it did get me back to painting again. It also introduced me to some like minded bloggers, who I never knew existed till Zombtober, which was great.

Here's hoping to see you all again next year, to see if my love of deadlines has improved (I seriously doubt it!) and my painting's got any better.(I doubt that too).

At BZA a zombie is not just for Zombtober, it's more of a lifestyle choice, so whenever you call in I'm sure there'll be zombies or something related to zombie wargames.

Well, all this excitement has left me exhausted so until next time dudes and dudettes, follow the DUDE'S example and "take it easy".

Monday, 20 October 2014


Late for my own funeral, that's what the adorable Mrs. K always says I'll be. Bless her, she's bloody right though. I'm sure I mentioned last post that time management was not one of my strong points. I just like to pootle too much.
Anyway let's not make too much fuss I'm here now.

As has become the done thing, we'll kick off with an attempt to bring culture to the proceedings. So without further ado, I give you some zombie art.

Another piece by the excellent zombie artist GRIMBRO. I'm sure some of you dedicated zombiphiles will recognise the titular character Fido. From the 2006 horror-comedy, directed by Andrew Currie. Fido is played by none other than Billy Connolly. I'm now sure we have had enough culture for one post, on to the show and tell.

These two are simple little conversions. The first is a result of having seven torsos and five sets of legs on the Deadzone zombie sprue. I took one of the left over torsos and married it with Mantic fantasy zombie legs. Again to get around the problem of the ragged clothing, I painted it orange to look like a prison overall.
The second is a Mantic fantasy zombie torso, head and arms together with a Studio plastic set of legs. Cutting the Studio mini in half and cutting the torso to fit after. I have to thank Vampifan for the inspiration for this idea, following one of his recent posts, where he did it to a couple of Zombicide runners. Cheers Dude!

I really don't have anything else this time, dudes and dudettes. So until next time try and be like the DUDE and "take it easy".

Sunday, 12 October 2014


WOW! Doesn't a week fly by when you've got a deadline to stick to. Time management was never one of my strong points, I'd just rather pootle along at my own pace, having breaks when I want. Having a deadline almost takes the fun out of painting, almost. Lot's to do so let's get on with it.

First order of business, to bring culture to the world of zombies. This shall be accomplished by the strategic use of zombie art. That's art with zombies in it for you at the back. This is another fine piece from my current favourite zombie artist GRIMBRO.


Some of you may recognise the zombie nicknamed "Dr. Tongue" by Tom Savini from the opening scenes of the 1985 movie Day of the Dead. Despite a fair bit of research, I've been unable to find out who played him. If anybody knows the answer, let me know. Completeness is the watch word.

Second order of business, welcomes. So let's drag the welcome wagon back out of storage, we have a few to get through. This seems to be a direct result of participating in this years Zombtober. Which is a great reason to join in, finding like minded bloggers is always a bonus.
So let's welcome aboard my latest followers. First is cedric mauvielle, he runs the Lost Wargamer in HK blog where amongst other things you'll find the excellent "Reich of a thousand dead" , a Weird World War 2 campaign. WELCOME CEDRIC!
Second is Finch, who runs the Minis by Finch blog. WELCOME FINCH!
Thirdly is Blaxkleric who runs the Fantorical blog. WELCOME BLAXKLERIC!
I haven't yet had much of a chance to check out these two blogs in any detail yet, but what I have seen looks pretty good to me. You should all pop along to these and check them out, I'm sure you won't be disappointed.
Two more followers who seemed to have slipped in under the radar are Mike Collard and David Churchill. I can't find blogs for these guys, so if you have one let me know. WELCOME MIKE! WELCOME DAVID!

Official duties taken care of, on to the fun bit.
Zombie painting. Two more Deadzone zombies for you this time. (I'm still not back up to full production speed, that may take some time.)



So we have another hazmat zombie again this week, pretty similar to the other one TBH. We'll call him Dr. Teirnon. The other zombie is dressed in some kind of future military uniform, akin to that worn by the Colonial Marines in Aliens, this didn't really fit with my contemporary setting so I painted him as a SWAT team member instead. I present Officer Ifor Jones.
( I think I got away with it.)

SWAT guy was a simple conversion. Using an arm with no hand (for another pose), I added a piece of bone to wrist area. He was also given a holster from a german WW2 figure, to complete his "cop-ness".

Well that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time, take a leaf out of the DUDE'S book and "take it easy".

Sunday, 5 October 2014


What's 'appening? Long time no post! Things at the bunker have slowed to a glacial rate recently, my humblest apologies loyal readers. Real life must take a front seat now and again, no matter how much you don't want it to.

This is my first Zombtober so not quite sure what to expect exactly. I had to jump at the chance because with my card modelling adventures the last couple of months, my painting has fallen way behind schedule. I couldn't believe I hadn't painted a mini for almost 8 weeks, until yesterday.

We still have the usual rounds of business to get through before I reveal my woefully inadequate offering. So let's get on with it!

Continuing my attempt to bring some culture to the proceedings I shall yet again show some zombie art. This is another great piece by my current favourite zombie artist GRIMBRO.


Some of you may recognise the zombie pictured (officially credited as Zombie #1) as the one that attacks Barbara in the cemetery,  at the beginning of Night of the Living Dead. The 1968 original, directed by George A. Romero, not one of the many remakes. Zombie #1 was played by Bill Hinzman.
I remember watching this at a very young age, I was probably around 10 or 11, it did two things. Firstly, it scared the shit out of me, second it started my lifelong romance with zombies.

Second order of business is to get the welcome wagon back out of the shed, it's been a while so I had to oil it and dust it, to welcome my latest follower. As is now traditional a big BZA welcome goes out to r.a.e. gingerbhoy. WELCOME ABOARD GINGERBHOY! Settle in, this is taking ages.

Third order of business. It has been brought to my attention that we have surpassed nine thousand pageviews since my last post. (And gingerbhoy makes it thirty followers). I find this news absolutely astounding and must take this oppurtunity to thank my followers, commentors and those of you who just drop by to check out the nonsense I continue to post. A MASSIVE THANKS TO YOU ALL.

Right then, enough bloody waffle, on with the show and tell. As I mentioned earlier, I was shocked at the realisation that I hadn't painted a mini for about 8 weeks. So please excuse, what I feel is a rather rusty couple of figures.



The zombie is from a sprue of Deadzone zombies by Mantic. Whilst not quite as crisp as their fantasy zombies, I love the fact that some of them are dressed in what I took to be hazmat suits. Of course they could equally be space suits. He's called Elgan Evans.
The survivor is Josh, (based on Jessie Pinkman, a character from smash hit TV show Breaking Bad) from Zombicide season 1. He's my first non-zombie mini in quite some time, it was hard to resist the urge to cover him in gore.

Hopefully, I'll get a week to paint some more, instead of just a day.

Well that's all I've got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time try and emulate the DUDE and "take it easy".