Sunday, 29 November 2015


What's occurrin' then?

Zedvember shuffles to a close this week. So once again painting zombies has been the order of the day, here at the bunker! It has made a little dent in my plastic mountain, but only a little one. Still many more in need of paint. Does the winter of the dead need expanding? Maybe! There's a rumour of De(ad)cember, but I'm not sure yet as I really have to get some scenery finished. I haven't put the roof on my shed yet! Remember the shed from back in the summer? Maybe Shedcember would be a better idea?

It's with a touch of sadness that we say goodbye to stayinwonderland, as this is the final piece of his that I'm going to be sharing. Another fantastic piece of work, it's entitled The Fog People. Don't know if they are zombies but they certainly look like them to me, I don't think I'd be hanging around to find out! Enjoy!

All four of the walkers are Season 3 VIP's and the abomination is the normal one from Season 2. I say normal, I mean he's not a berserker, there's nothing normal about the abominations.

Introductions are in order so let's get on with them. From left to right as usual. Kicking us off this time is Derfel, not sure whether he's dressed as Neo or Rob Zombie. Next up is Glanmor, doing a very passable James Brown impression. Moving along, our Princess Leia cos-player is the lovely Alwena. Maelor is quite literally the human hotdog. Finally, the big fella is known as Tudur.


So inspite of the call of Fallout 4, I managed to push the productivity back up to five figures. I'm still playing Fallout, reached level 25 too. I'll call that a win! Remember, small steps and all that.


Let's finish with a group shot of everything painted this month. Eighteen more zombies for the horde. Not too shabby and the whole point of this personal whimsy that is Zedvember.


Well I guess that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time be a little more like the DUDE and "take it easy".

Sunday, 22 November 2015


What's Occurrin'.

Still ploughing on with the zeds. Although I have been drawn away from the painting table by the lure of a new computer game. More on that later! So production has taken a backward step. What can I say! Easily distracted, um definitely.

Keeping up with the mission, the cultural one? Another great work from stayinwonderland. His penultimate piece unfortunately. Entitled Zombie Amusement Park. I've have enjoyed his small selection of zombie images, he does a lot more than zombies if you care to check it out. All of the same exceptional high standard.

Production down, back to four zombies. Never mind, it's still four more off the plastic hill. Season 1 walker, Season 3 VIP, Season 3 VIP and a Season 2 walker.

From left to right. Firstly is Luc, another vest and shoes zombie, shot as well as having lost an arm. Secondly another officer of the law Deputy Hughes, obviously injured on duty. Next up is short order cook Tomos, looks as if he ended up on the menu! Groan!! Finally for this time another guy in a suit, without a tie. Maybe a software designer, called Bran.

I said I'd been lured away from the paints by a new computer game. Lost quite a few hours to it this week too. My son bought Fallout 4. Oh my word, lost in a post apocalyptic reality, check! Get to shoot big guns, check! Familiar but with enough new twists and tasks to keep it epic, check! You get the idea, check! Feckin' Brilliant!!

Well I guess that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time follow in the path of the DUDE and "take it easy".

Monday, 16 November 2015


What's occurrin' then?

Painting zombies once again has been this weeks task here at the bunker. Hey, it's not called Bob's Zombie Apocalypse for nothing. As  Zedvember draws to it's mid point the zombie count increases steadily, which is exactly the point of this bit of tomfoolery. Well, for me it is! The things we do for a little motivation.

The cultural mission also continues! More art from the extremely talented chap stayinwonderland. This fine piece of work is entitled Infected - Zombie RPG artwork # 1. He's a great artist but his titles need a little work. Enjoy!


Managed to crank out five of the little motherlovers this week, a small step back to my initial levels of production. A very small step! Someone far wiser than me once said something about every journey starting with but a single step. I'll take this as a win, the very reason this whole Zedvember thing started.

Looking back over Zombtober's posts, it suddenly dawned on me! I had been so focused on getting zombies painted, I'd completely forgotten to name them! D'oh, what a twunt! I'll be rectifing that this post.

So without further ado, (little drumroll)  on with the show. All of these zombies came in the various seasons of Zombicide. The other thing they have in common is that they are all missing at least part of one arm. My first clumsy step into converting these excellent sculpts.

From left to right, as was usual before the break. First up this time is a Season 2 walker, a besuited gent by the name of  Gwydion. He was in local government middle management when things turn bad. Next is another Season 2 walker, you've just gotta respect his hair game. The Mohawked Merfyn! An estate kid and local gang member, probably out on the streets when the first attacks started. Moving along we have a Season3 VIP. Very Infected Person. A doctor, very obviously a front line casualty when the dead started reanimating. She's called Doctor Sioned Jones. Fourth in line we have yet another Season 2 walker. Rhydian was an inmate of the state until quite late into the outbreak. Finally for this time is a Season 1 walker. Iestyn must be a pikey! I've never seen anyone else wear a vest with shoes. Not having a permanent home was not a way to survive, it seems.


Some of the conversions were more successful than others. Pretty pleased overall, besides they'll get lost in the horde.

Well it seems that even with the incentive of Zedvember, I couldn 't bring this in on time. It's my first Zedvember, what can I say. Slacker! Anyway back to the NFL. Arizona v's Seattle!


Short and sweet this time! Before I go, I want to extend some best wishes to fellow blogger and honourary Dude, Vampifan. He's had to go offline to visit hospital. Take her easy Bryan! We'll still be here when you get back.

I guess that's it, for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time, try and follow in the DUDE'S footsteps and "Take it easy".

Sunday, 8 November 2015


What's occurrin' then?

An idea that has been percolating for a couple of weeks and a chance remark in a comment I left on Chris Hird's blog. That's Chris's Miniature Woes. Has kind of become the start of something. There seems to be a few events running this month, such as Movember and Dinovember. Well I had such fun in last months Zombtober and I still have lots of zombies to paint, so the idea of continuing this into the next month really appealled. Chris Hird was saying that he had zombies to finish and wanted to extend Zombtober into Zomvember. I said it was a great idea but Zedvember sounded better. A week later, here's my first Zedvember post. Chris already posted his first Zedvember post last Thursday.

To make things nice and simple let's make the guidelines, I prefer to call them guidelines who needs rules man, the same as Zombtober. So that's one completed zombie or survivor a week, posted by the Sunday. To be honest I'm going to paint these zombies anyway, I just thought it was a nice way to keep the momentum going.

Let us not forget the cultural mission. Another great piece from the very talented stayinwonderland. This one is called Zurvival League - Zombie Survival Game Art #1. Another unwieldly title. Enjoy!

Managed to paint another four zombies this week. All from Zombicide. The crawler sculpts are the final ones from Rue Morgue, I've shown all the different sculpts from that now. The walker is from season one, I was given another load of season one zombies last week. Along with a whole bunch of Berserker zombies and VIPs plus a couple more seekers. These came to me via Sheldon from Paul Kennedy, one of the stalwarts of Crow Valley Crusaders, my local gaming club. Cheers Paul! You may have noticed that I converted him. The Santa is another VIP in a different colour scheme.


In the surprise package last week was around about 100 zombies including a whole tray's worth of season one, virtually a whole tray of berserkers plus a few season two regular zombies and another shedload of VIPs from both boxes of Very Infected Persons #1 and #2. Looks like the horde is going to be bigger than I thought it would get!


I'm still really enjoying this season's The Walking Dead and hope everyone else is too.

Well I guess that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time try and do as the DUDE and "take her easy".