Monday, 15 May 2017


What's occurrin' then?

Right dudes and dudettes guess who`s back, returned from the wasteland. My sincerest apologies for my unscheduled hiatus but real life has a found a way to kick me in the arse once again. Hopefully now something resembling peace has returned to the bunker, this can blogging malarkey can continue

Things have pretty much ground to a halt on the hobby front, I haven`t picked up a paintbrush in almost a year. So things could take a little while to start rumbling along and will probably be a little rough around the edges, just like me!

Nothing to show you all this time, this is just to announce that I`ve reanimated and things should get back to normal sooner rather than later. Well that`s all I`ve got for this time dudes and dudettes, don`t forget the way of The Dude. Take `er easy