Wednesday, 30 September 2015


What's occurrin' then?

I mentioned last post that the Rugby World Cup might have an impact on my hobby time. Well, it has but I wanted to at least get another post in this month. To this end I've managed to complete a little card modelling, mostly done at half times and between games.

Even though there's a major distraction, we can't let that derail the cultural mission. This time I present you with another masterpiece by Bryan Baugh. Not many more examples of his work left to show now. This fine example is called Drippy Zombie. Enjoy!


Like I said just a little card modelling completed around some of the fantastic games this Rugby World Cup has provided. It's mostly boxes for set dressing and interior detailing. All the boxes came from Model Paper World, they are designed by the infamous TommyGun and are free to download. The car and dumpster can be found at the Combat Storm website, again these are free downloads.


I'm trying to use as many free downloads as I can find to cover my playing area, the two sites mentioned above have some great stuff available and have given me a good start in this venture. Some of the smaller stuff can be really fiddly especially when you've got great big shovels for hands and massive sausage fingers like me. To this end I found those little elastic bands, the ones all the kids were playing with (loom bands), invaluable for holding these together whilst the glue dried.

I was shooting for a Sunday post last weekend but a certain fantastic win at Twickenham and the following celebrations put paid to that. I'd just like to wish the boys all the best for the game against Fiji tomorrow.

The beginning of October tomorrow, the official start of Zombtober. This is going to be only my second one, but last year was pretty cool and it was great to see everyone's work and connect with some like minded bloggers. It's growing into quite a "thing".

So I'd better get the cobwebs off my brushes and my thumb outta my ass, it's painting time. Hopefully Zombtober will provide the impetus to get my pitiful painting progress back on track. I'm really looking forward to seeing everbody's work.

Well, that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time try and take a leaf out of the DUDE'S book and "take it easy".

Thursday, 17 September 2015


What's occurrin' then?

Still can't seem to get my arse into gear on the painting front. Suffering from a real lack of motivation and enthusiasm. Just can't shake off this fugue, it's starting to piss me off too. I have managed a little printing and card modelling, so I guess that's better than nothing at all. Luckily the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) continue to show up, so I'm still gaming every week, Zombicide mainly. Although once a month we play Dead of Winter for a change of pace. I even tried some retail therapy to lift my spirits but to no avail.

Despite my trials and woes the cultural mission must continue. I endeavour to bring you all some zombie art every post in the faint hope that some culture sticks, not just to you but to me as well. I think we all need to be more cultured, it will make us more rounded individuals. Once again I present to you another fantastic piece from the incredibly talented Bryan Baugh. It's a tribute to the movie The Beyond. Wonderful tonal piece. Great movie. Enjoy!

So instead of painted figures, I'm going to show you Crow Valley Sherriff's Dept first patrol car. I found these on the Inkjet_Paper_Scissors blogspot, they were designed by Grendel's Mother and are free to download. My first real go at a card vehicle so it's a bit shit really, I can only hope to improve. Well it could hardly get any worse.

It's not quite finished yet, still needs it's roof lights, but hey!


As can be seen in the above photo' I've also printed out Andy's Gun Works, based on the gun shop from the Dawn of the Dead remake. I've only stuck it onto foamcore so far, yet another project to be completed. It's available to download for free from Model Paper World. There's a lot to see on that site most of it is designed by Tommygun.

Tommygun has designed loads of modern buildings and scatter terrain, like boxes and cases and such. All very useful and free to download.

I mentioned that I'd even tried retail therapy. Spending a little more of my birthday money, I placed an order with Westwind Productions. They carry a modern horror line called Roadkill. A pack of four figures costs £6.50, less than £1.70 a figure, I can live with that.

This first pack is called Rednecks/Militia and they evoke the good ole boy / hillbilly vibe I'm looking for. I'm no expert on weapons but they have a couple of shotguns and a couple of assault rifles between them. Oh, and a four pack of beer. What! Zombie killing's thirsty work! Like I said, just the vibe I'm looking for.


The rednecks are my first foray into the gangs that can be encountered during play. I told you this was going to take a while.

The second pack is another small force of cops, these have different style uniforms to the Crow Valley Sheriff Department. The flashlight is a nice touch. I also liked the fact they are only armed with pistols.


Even these shiny new models have failed to get me to lift my brush in anger. I really have got to get my shit together.

The Rugby World Cup kicks off this Friday, that just might impinge on my painting time. So the last few months of poor productivity looks set to continue at least for one more anyway.

Well, I guess that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time, try and do as the DUDE does and "take it easy".