Thursday, 27 February 2014


Managed to get some in game shots at this weeks gathering of the WNI.
This was mid game. I'm playing DEREK, to my left is Sheldon playing RAOUL.
To my right is Morph playing ELSA, opposite me is Hodginton-Smythe playing as NEEMA.
Just out of shot is the strangeness that is The Tollman playing as AMY.

This was about the Mid-point, DEREK (Yellow):I know unpainted minis: is about to pick up his second
Objective Token. His first Objective Token revealed a survivor to rescue/play as which was NED (Red)
in his Zombivore form. NEEMA (Burgundy) has just let rip with an assault rifle twice up the street.
RAOUL (Khaki) and AMY (Purple) are about to let loose with shotguns before clearing out with a
chainsaw. NED searched the Pimpmobile and found The Evil Twins (double shot pistols). They remind
of the scene in Resident Evil 2 (I think) when the S.T.A.R.S. offer the black guy a weapon and he reveals
his gold plated Desert Eagles and says "Please my shit is CUSTOM".

Toxic Abomination painted by Sheldon, pretty sweet for just a dip and Matt varnish. He's not finished
yet, going to look good later no doubt. It's only Sheldon and myself who paint out of our band of
Hobbynauts. The others are either too lazy or too scared to (don't ask).

These are Sheldon's Toxic Walkers, really cool now they have been based, had their spines picked
out and a dash of red wash added here and there. He didn't want to paint them properly as "they are
only board game pieces". I think time was also a major factor in his decsion to go down this route.
   We almost completed the mission, but the two and a half hour game turned into a three and a half hour game and time ran out on us. Some of us do have jobs you know. A great night was had by all, as usual, and we will gather to try and survive again next week. Zombicide seems to be our go to game at the moment, until I sort out the stuff for ATZ anyway. I don't know how regular these game night reports will be, or if anyone will show their faces next time, I'll try to take some shots every week but who knows.

   Remember the DUDE says "take it easy"

Wednesday, 26 February 2014



Before I start the usual amble let's have some pre-amble, I have to say that I'm really enjoying Season 4 of The Walking Dead. Don't worry no spoilers here. I just had to mention it being a zombie blog and all.
  Now back to the ladies.
  Left to Right : Leading tonights lineup is Anwyn all dressed up and no-one to eat. Next in line is Seren another waitress, she only serves up pain now. Following along is Enfys, she reminds me of the zombie after Rick on his bicycle in the first episode of TWD. Finally we have Bethan, sporty girl, but even her fancy trainers couldn't help her outrun the zombies.
  No conversions this time, straight out of the box, vanilla if you like.
  My earlier frustration at the vixens has eased somewhat as the end of batch is in sight, probably miss them when they are finished.
   Tonight is game night for the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) and the plan is to run the first mission from the Zombicide Toxic Mall expansion. We were all introduced to the Toxic Zombies and new weapons last week, but in a regular Zombicide mission, we got our arse kicked. So tonight should be a little different and hopefully just as much fun.

         Listen to the DUDE and "take it easy"

Sunday, 23 February 2014



Back to the zombies this post.
So here we have four more delightful divas for your viewing pleasure.I don't know about you lot but the girls are starting to irritate me, must push on and finish them this week as I'm losing interest and sanity.
I've put together twelve of the Studio plastics kindly given to me by VAMPIFAN in preparation/celebration of finishing them.
OK then on with the introductions, Left to Right:
The first lady to shuffle into the spotlight is Rhiannon, caught in her nightie in the middle of the road. Next up we have the beautiful Megan, not exactly a picture of health anymore. Third in line is Nerys, a chambermaid at the local hotel not that she'll be changing any more sheets. Our final lady this post is Ffion a nurse, got to love the uniform. Some of you may have noticed Ffions massive ponytail, this was taken from a Space Wolf Scout and transplanted here.
 In other news, the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) managed to reconvene this week after several weeks off due to the bunker refit. A cracking game of Zombicide ensued, with the introduction of Toxic Zombies and the new characters from Toxic City Mall. Also at some time over the weekend BZA surpassed 1000 page views, I find this incredible and want to thank everyone who has taken the time to look and comment.

       Remember the DUDE says "take it easy"

Friday, 21 February 2014


Another Christmas present off the kids, more post apocalyptic fun with added cannibals. The blurb on the jacket says :-

Bluevale was about all Howie had seen of the world. Even his pa, who knew everything, didn't know much about the way it was before the war.

Scriptures said all the unclean animals had been wiped out. Howie didn't know what that meant exactly. He'd seen horses. And stock, of course. Stock looked like humans. 'Cept stock had no soul. That's why they was meat.

Howie had a good life for a boy. Then the soldiers came. And what they did to his folks made him grow up right quick. He got his revenge - 'cept now the whole damn army was after him. But he had a huge country to run across ..........
 and lots of miles to stay alive.

Even among the grimness that is the post apocalyptic genre this ranks as one of the darkest I've read. It's got cannibalism, people skinned alive, dismemberment of sensitive body parts and numerous deaths.
 The story is told through strong dialogue and a narrative that focuses on the main character's (Howie) immediate surroundings and thoughts, which keeps the plot moving quickly forward.
  It shows more than it tells, leaving just enough indirect to keep a sense of intrigue. Many scenes and the plot as a whole veers in unexpected directions, packing some suprising punches.
  There were a few sex related things that might upset some people. Let's just say it gets a little rape-y here and a little embarrassing there and leave it at that.
  On the whole it was pretty well written and kept me turning the pages, it also made me think even if it was disturbing on several levels. I really liked it and would give it 8 out of 10.
  It has a sequel called Dawn's Uncertain Light which I haven't read yet, so I guess the kids know what to buy for my birthday now.

    The DUDE says "take it easy"

Tuesday, 18 February 2014



Still plugging away at these bloody vixens, there seems to be no end in sight. Hundreds, no thousands of them, well at least 30. How many is a horde anyway?
Enough moaning from me and on with the introductions.
Left to Right: Firstly we have Matron Mandy, who should stop chewing her fingernails (and fingers). Next up is the gorgeous Arianwyn, who nose what she's been up to. Following her is Bronwyn, another keep fit enthusiast, not that it did her any good. Last up is amateur road swimmer Dilys, she was in training for the world championship, not any more.
 Started putting together some of the Studio plastic zombies kindly sent to me by the LEGEND that is VAMPIFAN, thanks once again Bryan. Nice details on them, but they seem quite small even compared to WGF zombies, so I'm going to base them on 25mm plastic bases which should raise them enough and bring them out of the shortarse club.

    Remember, the DUDE says "take it easy"

Sunday, 16 February 2014



Can't seem to reproduce a decent set of photos, these look too light. Never mind on with the post.
 Left to Right: Firstly we have Myfanwy a business zombie, nice suit but she's lost a shoe. Next we have Vanessa in her nightdress, what a way to start the day (as a zombie). Then we come to Stella the waitress, I thought about putting a head on her tray but decided against it. So she got some extra gore instead. Finally our keep-fit zombie Gemma, Rule no. 1 Cardio (didn't help her). Eagle eyed viewers will notice that Stella and Gemma used to go to the same hairdresser.
 I became bored painting all the bases grey, so came up with a way to try and represent roads what do you guys think?
 Still massive disruption at the bunker due to refit but bizarrely the blog hasn't suffered too much as all I can do is paint. There is also a rumour that the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) might be able to gather once again this week. Here's hoping.
 Remember the DUDE says "take it easy"

Thursday, 13 February 2014


HELLO LADIES............

These are the first of my Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens. They are a little better than the men in terms of sculpts and crispness. Still they are cheap and there's a lot of them, besides it's nice to see the fairer sex represented. Their eyes are still too bloody small for me to paint, and if I thought the male zombies were skinny then some of these ladies are positively anorexic.
Left to Right: First up we have Blodwyn, looks like she was caught having a night on the town, having a bit of armless fun.(sorry, couldn't resist it). Next is Angharad, several of these torsos in the box, I quite like them. Are they called draggers or crawlers? I think Angharad must have been out with Blodwyn because she got legless. (I know I know). Last but not least is Suzy Suit who seems to be a little camera shy, although she fended off a few with her laptop, they still got her in the end. This idea was shamelessly stolen off Mathyoo. I hope he doesn't mind. These are not the sort of girls who would make good Valentine's, because as well as stealing your heart they would probably eat it.
  Thanks to everybody who takes the time to look and comment.
                'til next time, the DUDE says "take it easy".

Monday, 10 February 2014



      The first two zombies are made from simple conversions/kitbash of Mantic torsos and WGF legs, while the third one is an old Heroquest zombie.
  Left to Right: First up is Baywatch Brin, actually on the beach this time. Next to Brin is Andy the ex-survivalist, obviously his survival planning didn't work out
Finally we have Ivor, he used to be a lab assisstant to a famous science franchise but now he just shuffles about looking for fresh flesh. I'm not a big fan of zombies with weapons, but after re-watching the black and white classic Night of the Living Dead I noticed that the zombie in the graveyard in the opening scenes picks up a rock to smash the window of the car, to get to Barbara, so maybe I'll just let it slide.
   Ivor has been painted with a variation on my basic Grey scheme. The basic scheme starts with a Shadow grey basecoat, overbrush with Codex grey, another overbrush with Fortress grey. Finally a touch of Leviathan purple wash here and there for a little mottling. Ivor differs slightly as he has a Blue Ink wash between the Shadow and Codex grey coats and has another layer of overbrushing on top of the Fortress grey with Space Wolves grey. I try not to use as much Devlan Mud wash on the grey figures, but they do get a splash.
   Hope the breakdown helps.
I must give a massive shout-out to VAMPIFAN who very kindly sent me a package of Studio plastics, the man's a LEGEND, they will get paint thrown at them soon. I've had an incredible amount of pageviews, over 500, I must thank everybody for taking the time to look.
                'til the next time in the words of the DUDE take it easy.

Thursday, 6 February 2014



These are the last of my Mantic "prisoner" zombies, the other bits have been  kept for conversions. The pictures don't seem as good this time, tried with natural light and a flash (as you can see from the glare) back to the previous setup I think. Although there was glare last time it didn't seem as prominent.
  After a quick exchange of e-mails with Joe it appears that a breakdown of my painting style would make a good post.
  The picture shows Left to Right: Archie the Arsonist, he's painted in an old
school horror movie style, the classic green skinned zombie.
  I've only got GW paints (have a shop 5 minutes walk away) and most of them are old, so not many of these colours are still available.

 Archie started unlife with a Catachan green basecoat, this was then given a quick overbrush (like a drybrush only wetter) with Camo green. After the basic skin pigments have been applied it's time to paint the clothes, in this case the, prison coverall theme, one coat of Blazing orange. Now I also choose hair colour if any and give that a single coat as well.
  Next comes some quick shading using Leviathan purple wash, any wounds, eye sockets, spinal detail etc. Then the whole model get's a heavy wash of Devlan mud, this dries to a matte-ish finish. When the wash has dried I then pick out eyes and teeth if big enough, finally then wounds and added gore applied using Red Ink. Base model and you are finished.
  Hope that helps.
  Next to Archie is a model with a head I've seen reffered to as the David Icke head, I can't see the resembelance my self. I shall be calling him Hungry Ray as he has brought a snack. Ray has been painted in a variation of my basic grey scheme, which I will go into detail in another post.
  Last in the line-up today is Half-face Harry, he's painted the same way as Archie.

   I'm finding this blog an excellent motivation to paint as nobody wants posts without pictures. Many of you might think why only 3 zombies this time. Well it's a bit of an experiment, to see if I could get tighter group shots, to show more detail.
           'til next time, in the words of the DUDE, take it easy.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014


Got this for Christmas off the kids. Not exactly zombies, but it is post-apocalypse and it has got cannibals, so nearly. I cannot recommend this book enough, if you have never read anything by the author then you are missing out.
  The story is about a father and his son making their way to the coast in a post apocalyptic America. The actual cause of the apocalypse is never explained, but it seems like a nuclear winter. The entire landscape is either burnt or covered in ash. Crops have failed, animals have died out, they scavenge food where they can. Ultimately they have to avoid other people, as there is only one thing left to eat......... people. They have a gun to protect themselves but only a couple of bullets, it's also made plain that this is also a quick way out if things go wrong, so using these last bullets is endlessly worried over.
   I read this in a couple of days, could not put it down. It is horrorfying and brutal, yet at the same time sad and beautiful. Trust me, you will not be disappointed.
                'til next time in the words of the DUDE take it easy.

Saturday, 1 February 2014


Oops! Got things arse about face this time.

ABOUT FACE! That's better.
Well incredible things have been happening here at the bunker. Zabadak(I hope I spelt it right this time?) and Vampifan have both viewed and commented on my blog. GAAAAHHHHH! Even better they are my first two followers.You have to understand that these guys are like zombie royalty. Thank you both so much.
 I will  try to remain calm for the rest of this post, but no promises.
 Right then onto the zombies, Left to Right: We have Road Worker Richard, he's a WF zombie. Then we have the first of two Mantic zombies this post, I mentioned last time that their rags were painted orange to represent prison coveralls. His name is The Animal, what he did in prison to get that nick-name doesn't bear thinking about.
 Again sharp-eyed viewers will notice that the next zombie is neither WF or Mantic, he is in fact an old Heroquest figure. I see him as a zombie who was at a fancy dress party when things went south, I'm going to call him Bubba in homage.
 Following Bubba, is another Mantic "prisoner" called Sven, mean as can be, well he was before he turned now he's just another flesh eating dead head. Finally we've reached a milestone, the last of my WF male zombies, who has been called Dai Two-dinners. I don't think I'll be putting any more of the Wargames Factory male zombies together, I think I'll just use the bits left for a couple of conversions.
  Have to mention Mathyoo, he has also left a comment. See, told you amazing things are happening. Did I mention my page views have rocketed to 282, incredible.
  'til next time, in the words of the DUDE, take it easy.