Wednesday, 26 August 2015


What's occurrin' then?

What's this weather all about then? The humidity is killing me, I haven't left the fan's area of effect for several days at a time. Sleep? Your having a laugh! Way too hot and sticky at night to sleep.
Due to the sleep/weather situation my weeks productivity is way down, that's even comparing it to the last couple of months' pitiful output.

Enough moaning and on with the mission. You know, the culture thing. Once again another offering from the insanely talented Bryan Baugh. This one is called Ribcage Guts. Enjoy!

My enthusiasm as well as my productivity is at a real low point at the moment. I really can't be arsed to pick up a brush, or stick anything together, or even print out more buildings. So I haven't got much to show you all except these W.I.P. photo's. Better than nothing, eh!?!


Proving to be a real slog are the Toxic zombies, I don't know why, I was really enjoying painting them at the start. I seem to get this feeling every year, just after my birthday. It must be a reaction to getting old.

The ladies below have been in this condition for months, the last of my Zombicide season 1 to finish off, yet I can't seem to get them completed. The DUDE will make an appearance shortly as well, although I seem to be hitting a wall with him too. Mitch is going to be painted by my son, allegedly. He's got undercoat at least.


What about ATZ? I'm still slowly getting stuff together for that. Having a stab at making some P.E.F. (Potential Enemy Force) markers, using these old Heroquest skeletons. Grim reaper and all that!

From left to right is my painting progression. Using the Army Painter Zombicide paints. First one is painted Boney Spikes. Next one is overbrushed Zombie Skin. Third one is drybrushed Brainmatter Beige. Finally washed with Zombie Shade and typically I broke the blade off the scythe just as it was finished!


Using some of my birthday money, I managed to recruit two more members for the Crow Valley Sheriff's Department. These are both by Reaper, from the Chronoscope line. On the right is Sheriff Joe Don Mitchel and to the left is Deputy Wayne Tisdale. Their names not mine.

These are my first ever Reaper miniatures, I must say I'm quite impressed. Although the bases they came with were not my bag. At £4.50 each they are not the cheapest mini's on the market, but they are very good quality and no where near as expensive GW single metal mini's.

They'll be painted up in the same colours as Shane and the gang, finishing off my small town's local police force. Now I just need to find them some budget transport.


Let's hope I can get another post in before the end of the month. Maybe even finish that bloody shed, don't hold your breath though.

Well I guess that's all I got for this time dudes and dudettes. So until next time, you should all try and follow the DUDE'S example and "take it easy".

Wednesday, 12 August 2015


What's occurrin' then?

Well it seems that the summer holidays are well and truly here. My daughter has been finished for several weeks (it feels like months, she can be very demanding). Now, my son is home from university for six weeks. Let the chaos reign! Hobby time will probably be curtailed as I attempt to entertain the little darlings.

I had to take a breather from the storage shed, more on that next time, and paint some mini's. It's been over a month since I painted a figure! Where the fuck does the time go? (I know, entropy and decay. It was rhetorical.)

OK, so on with the cultural mission. Another great piece by Bryan Baugh. More monochromatic goodness this time, with a lovely damsel in distress again. This one's called Cosmic Zombie. Enjoy!

Yeah, over a month since I painted a figure, not good enough really. I'll never finish at this rate. A little rusty too, my standards are dropping by the day. Still got some done the last few days.

These are the first of the female Toxic walkers, nothing much to say about them, straight out of the box. So no conversions but the sculpts are quite nice as they are.


I guess some introductions are in order. So from left to right as usual. First up, she was working as a waitress at a cocktail bar, it's Adyna. Next in line, a car rental receptionist, Cordelia. Following her, primary school teacher Sioned. Finally, for this time, we have Mab. She's a barmaid.

Again, I've edged the bases in bright green to denote them as Toxic zombies.


My posting seems to be all over the shop at the moment, so a concerted effort will be made to get things back on track. If the summer holidays allow that is!

No real news in other areas either. At least the WNI(Wednesday Night Irregulars) are gathering again this evening to save the world from the zombie menace. Best go put the kettle on!

Well, I guess that's all I got for now dudes and dudettes. So until next time, try and be more like the DUDE and "take it easy".