Wednesday, 29 January 2014


I was just checking my usual round of blogs, I had left a few comments on a couple, this is unlike me as I usually prefer to just lurk. What made my day was that two of my blogging heroes VAMPIFAN and ZADABAK replied to my comments. I feel all warm inside.
   The other reason for this sit rep is that for the next two to four weeks my house is going through a major refit, new kitchen, new bathroom, new boiler and new fire. This is forcing the family to live in only a couple of rooms, as you can imagine painting and modelling has to take a bit of a back seat. Even the loyal following of the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) has had to been cancelled for the next few weeks.
    Do not panic, things are just going to slow down not stop completely. I hope. Things will get back to normal ASAP 'til then in the words of the DUDE, take it easy.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I Found the caption thingy.

So in new HD cos I found the embigenator function.

My fifth attempt at WF zombies, in HD and all it's gory mistakes. I can only hope to improve. So the grey urban basing was getting a little tedious and to change direction I took a little trip to the coast, even zombies got to take a holiday (vacation) right?
  As usual Left to Right we have Grabbing Geraint,he's Grasping Gareths cousin, you might be able to spot the family resemblence. Next we have Chuck Morris, hardest zombie in Wales. Chuck has had a head swap with a spare GW demon head from my bits box.Following Chuck is Zombie Me, well nearly the model has got smaller moobs. The sharp eyed among you may notice that the next model is not a WF zombie, he is one of the Mantic zombies given to me by my freindly local gaming club the CROW VALLEY CRUSADERS via one of the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars).His name is Slackface, the Mantic zombies are much more detailed than the WF, cool to paint. I tried to solve the lack of modern clothing by painting it orange to simulate the remains of a prison boiler suit. Lastly we have Dai Chi, painted as a reservist soldier.
 Any way that's quite enough shite out of me for this post.
                                   In the words of the DUDE , take it easy.

Saturday, 25 January 2014


 Well the painting continues to stumble along, or should that be shuffle, I'm not sure. The horde grows slowly but surely, 20 zombies is hardly a horde, more of a crowd really.
  I'm astonished that this little piece of nonsense has amassed 155 page views already. Thanks for taking the time to look. So on with the show?
  Left to Right we have: Rudi and Jurgen, these guys were a Nazi wrestling tag team, next in line is another mall cop (this one is looking for da chopper), then we have Blue Jogger and finally Office worker Ian, who brought his own lunch today.
  The Nazi wrestlers where converted by giving them Space Wolf scouts heads, really easy, and trying to position arms in Nazi salute. Bad taste? Yes. Funny? Fuck yeah.
     'til next time, in the words of the DUDE, take it easy

Thursday, 23 January 2014


This is nuts 140 pageviews already! Thanks for looking. Any how on with the horde. Is 15 a horde, I dont think so. Left to Right we have Fed Ex, Grasping Gareth, Storeman, Hardware Shop Owner and Lefty Lewis.
  Tonight was game night again for the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) we played Zombicide again, mission was called Big W, we kicked ass. Completed mission and nobody took a wound. Starting to get the hang of this co-operative gaming, too used to Zombies!!! where half the fun was screwing each other over.
  In the words of the DUDE take it easy

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


 Sorry for the lack of posts the last few days my internet browsers have been crashing almost every  time I type something into the search. It's still happening as I type this but instead of crashing my browser it crashes my touch screen keyboard every five or six characters.These last few sentences have taken about 25 minutes to type. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHH
 Enough moaning from me.
 Edit: Ok left to right we have Bald Doc, Navy Reservist, Road Worker, Security Guard and Walking Joe. Walking Joe because I used a Space Marine Scout head and it makes him look like Joe from Family Guy, except walking.
 In the words of the DUDE, take it easy.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014


 Just a quick update, downloaded Akula's AR:SE rules and Grekwood's free rules, thank you gentlemen. LEGENDS both. Also downloaded the Crooked Dice free cabin, my first go at card scenery.Fingers crossed or at least not cut off.
 Tonight is game night for the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars) so no painting or construction this evening, but there will be zombie mayhem thanks to my christmas pressie of Zombicide.
 Sheldon our resident analist has already painted his copy of Zombicde, but he only one-coated and washed his zombies, not good enough for me as I will be using my zombies for ATZ, so they need to be painted properly.
     In the words of the DUDE "take it easy"

Monday, 13 January 2014


As the title says my first 5 Wargames Factory Zombies, the photos are not that good but then neither is the paintjob.
 The quality of these models is not the best, they are a little soft in places, but they are cheap. Perfect for bulking out the horde, not so good if these are all you have in your horde.
 The sculpts seem really skinny, even the fat zombies have skinny arms and legs.
 So left to right we have Baywatch, Fatty in Nikes, Red Jogger, Mr PJs and Doc.
 All based on 25mm slotta bases, some with paving made from card. Eagle eyed viewers will notice their eyes are not painted, an oversight on my part, it will be corrected in due course.
 Already 70 pageviews,AMAZING, thanks for looking.
 Until next time keep your spare ammo close to hand.

Friday, 10 January 2014


Last post I neglected to mention which rule system I was going to use. Well I haven't got any yet ,but the rules of choice seem to be All Things Zombie : Final Fade Out. What I do know I'll need are zombies.(DOH!)
  So Santa provided me with zombies, namely a box of Wargames Factory Zombie Horde, Wargames Factory Zombie Vixens and the Zombicide boardgame. Also one of our WNI ( Wednesday Night Irregulars ) gamers gave me several Mantic zombie sprues by way of someone at the local gaming club the Crow Valley Crusaders.AWESOME.
  With this haul in my sweaty mitts I started to paint. A photography modelling session has been booked for the weekend, and the results will be posted as soon as I am able too.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Wow. Scary stuff. This blogging malarkey. Where to start? Um. Ok I'm Bob 40+ Dad of 3. Been into wargaming for 20+ years, also a massive horror and sci-fi fan since before that. This is going to be my first tentative step into blogging and into zombie wargaming.
 Gaming history goes back through to Traveler RPG, Rogue Trader, Rolemaster, 
Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, Vampire the Masquerade, 40K, currently playing Dreadball and Zombicide.
 So I've lurked at many a blog for many a month,there is some epic stuff out there. Not sure how to pimp  others blogs yet, I feel like a techno-troll, so much to learn about this magic box I am typing these words into.
  My son tells me I can put up images and photographs, so we can all relax there will be pictures, at some point, more magic to learn. Must take photo's.
 The point of this is to record my progress into zombie gaming proper.