Thursday, 5 June 2014


Before we get to the meat of the post, I'm getting the welcome wagon back out of the shed. Several welcomes so I'm going to put bunting on it as well.
First of all let's give a big BZA welcome to Francis Lee of Angry Lurker fame. WELCOME FRAN.
Next let's give a BZA welcome, just as big to Johnny a.k.a. Lord Siwoc of Brains and Guts fame.
I feel there should be a trumpet fanfare.
Both these guys run excellent blogs, if you haven't already, check them out.
I seemed to have picked up another one of them ninja types as well.
Thanks for following dudes.

One more thing. After my CABIN FEVER CONSTRUCTION CRISIS post, the very next day Carl Stoelzel left a comment explaining a few things and some tips on fixes for my crisis. What can I say, WOW, awesome customer service especially since I hadn't even paid for it. Thanks Carl.

And now to the meat. There in lies the problem. Since I finished that first tray of zombies I've done very little painting. Yes half term got in the way, but I seem to be loathe to start the next tray. I say start, they've all been basecoated and two lines have been given skin colours. It's just there's so many of them. 32, it doesn't seem that many when you write it down.

In other news, Sheldon is starting to outdo his Dudeness, this Wednesday at the weekly meeting of minds that is the WNI(Wednesday Night Irregulars), he gave me a Fred the Trader set, turns out one of the boys at our FLGG the Crow Valley Crusaders had kickedstarted for two of all the exclusive survivors and promptly gave most of it to Sheldon. As he'd just bought Fred the other week he passed him on to me. Cool or what!

Other zombie entertainment. I feel it is my right as a zombie fan to warn you about "Battle of the Damned" starring Dolph Lundgren. What a pile! It's almost idiot-savant genius in how bad it is. Do yourselves a favour and give it a miss. I really want to be refunded the time I spent watching it, and I didn't even make it to the end.
That's all I got for now dudes and dudettes. 'til the next time, you know the DUDE wants you all to "take it easy".


  1. You lucky blighter! Great gift and you are right about the movie, although like you I didn't get to the end!

    1. Thanks Michael.
      Not a bad score eh! That is probably the worst zombie film I have ever seen. How on earth do these things get funded?

  2. Nice gift indeed! And cheers for the welcome!

    In order for you not to lose the painting mojo I would recommend doing them in batches of...Say 5 at a time. Right now though, paint Shaun. As a reward for finishing the others. After him, go do 5 zombies. When they are done reward yourself with a special piece. And so forth.

    1. Thanks Johnny.
      No problemo on the welcome dude. Thanks for the advice, it's my first mojo loss so I'm all bent out of shape about it.

  3. I know the feeling all too well about beeing loathe topaint another batch once one batch is finished. I recommend tackling them all at once, but only bits on each. Pick a colour and do 5 or more bits on various z's using that colour. Pick another colour then rinse and repeat. You'll get to the stage where you have each of the figures about 90% finished so then put them into batches of about 5 figures each and finishe each batch.
    It seems endless but you have them all finished in a great big rush. :-)

    I liked "Battle of the Damned" for its awfulness and there a great many really, really worse zombie films out there ! Off the top of my head try "King Zombie", it will have you screaming and tearing your hair out for all the wrong reasons !
    Stick with the card stuff it seemingly does get easier (though I haven't got to that stage yet !) I blame Bryan.

    1. Thanks Joe.
      I'll try some of your advice to hopefully kick my ass back to painting.
      Can't say I've seen "King Zombie", although it sounds like I shouldn't.
      I am sticking with the card stuff. It's entirely Bryan's fault.

  4. It goes without saying that Bryan is the source of any card building woes. He makes it all seem so easy, and freakin' AWESOME!. Ah well, just stick with it...

    I have the same problem with painting, I have found sometimes I need to batch things, or sometimes I just pick one figure and finish it. Sometimes I just try and do something else, but still productive (play the game, build scenery, clean the workbench) just keep trying stuff and you'll get your mojo back.

    1. Thanks Steve.
      Yep! Bryan is the source of my card building woes, if it wasn't for his amazing tables I wouldn't have even considered card modelling.

      Thanks for the mojo busting tips too dude. I'll try some out today.

  5. Ah, the painting mojo. It's the bane of my hobby work as well.

    I hate my miniatures half done, so I could never take Joe's advice, but that's just me I guess. I prefer Johnny's way - if you paint 4-5 (rather 4 so they divide nicely, but that's me again :D) at a time, you will only have 28 after the first batch. And 24. And then 20. And so on - I do agree on using same paints for a batch. They will look too uniform at first, but mixed with other 30, they will blend in while speeding up your painting somewhat.

    Just don't think about them as of huge group of 32 miniatures. It's just 4 of them! (8 times through though) :D

    1. Thanks Mathyoo.
      I prefer even numbers myself.
      Thanks for the mojo busting suggestions dude.

  6. Epic gifts, epic customer services and.... painting a lot of figures can be an epic task. How do we get to Careigie Hall? How to we eat a whole elephant? Books, movies, comics and audio dramas work for me when Iwant to get some mojo back and sometimes, painting gods forbid... I just have to leave it a bit and then go back to it. Hang in there, you can do it!

    1. Thanks Adam.
      Your right, a little bit at a time.