Tuesday, 28 January 2014


I Found the caption thingy.

So in new HD cos I found the embigenator function.

My fifth attempt at WF zombies, in HD and all it's gory mistakes. I can only hope to improve. So the grey urban basing was getting a little tedious and to change direction I took a little trip to the coast, even zombies got to take a holiday (vacation) right?
  As usual Left to Right we have Grabbing Geraint,he's Grasping Gareths cousin, you might be able to spot the family resemblence. Next we have Chuck Morris, hardest zombie in Wales. Chuck has had a head swap with a spare GW demon head from my bits box.Following Chuck is Zombie Me, well nearly the model has got smaller moobs. The sharp eyed among you may notice that the next model is not a WF zombie, he is one of the Mantic zombies given to me by my freindly local gaming club the CROW VALLEY CRUSADERS via one of the WNI (Wednesday Night Irregulars).His name is Slackface, the Mantic zombies are much more detailed than the WF, cool to paint. I tried to solve the lack of modern clothing by painting it orange to simulate the remains of a prison boiler suit. Lastly we have Dai Chi, painted as a reservist soldier.
 Any way that's quite enough shite out of me for this post.
                                   In the words of the DUDE , take it easy.


  1. You'll find that all the plastics survivors and zombies (male and female) can be failry easily mixed and converted. The Wargames Factory zombie horde is also the least detailed of the available plastics.

  2. I agree with your assessment of the WGF zombie horde, the zombie Vixens are a little better and I've heard that the survivors male and female are better again. The plan is to try the Studio plastics next.