Tuesday, 7 January 2014


Wow. Scary stuff. This blogging malarkey. Where to start? Um. Ok I'm Bob 40+ Dad of 3. Been into wargaming for 20+ years, also a massive horror and sci-fi fan since before that. This is going to be my first tentative step into blogging and into zombie wargaming.
 Gaming history goes back through to Traveler RPG, Rogue Trader, Rolemaster, 
Blood Bowl, Space Hulk, Vampire the Masquerade, 40K, currently playing Dreadball and Zombicide.
 So I've lurked at many a blog for many a month,there is some epic stuff out there. Not sure how to pimp  others blogs yet, I feel like a techno-troll, so much to learn about this magic box I am typing these words into.
  My son tells me I can put up images and photographs, so we can all relax there will be pictures, at some point, more magic to learn. Must take photo's.
 The point of this is to record my progress into zombie gaming proper.


  1. Good luck with this; I'm sure you'll find it very rewarding if you stick with it - I found that it's a great motivator towards progress.
    As for the techy side of things, no one is more computer illiterate than me but you soon learn.

  2. I'm finding this a great motivator, which I need to be honest!