Monday, 13 January 2014


As the title says my first 5 Wargames Factory Zombies, the photos are not that good but then neither is the paintjob.
 The quality of these models is not the best, they are a little soft in places, but they are cheap. Perfect for bulking out the horde, not so good if these are all you have in your horde.
 The sculpts seem really skinny, even the fat zombies have skinny arms and legs.
 So left to right we have Baywatch, Fatty in Nikes, Red Jogger, Mr PJs and Doc.
 All based on 25mm slotta bases, some with paving made from card. Eagle eyed viewers will notice their eyes are not painted, an oversight on my part, it will be corrected in due course.
 Already 70 pageviews,AMAZING, thanks for looking.
 Until next time keep your spare ammo close to hand.


  1. I think these are more than adequate for gaming purposes, they'll not last that long on the table anyway !

  2. Thank you for your kind words, coming from a legend like yourself it means a lot.