Thursday, 27 February 2014


Managed to get some in game shots at this weeks gathering of the WNI.
This was mid game. I'm playing DEREK, to my left is Sheldon playing RAOUL.
To my right is Morph playing ELSA, opposite me is Hodginton-Smythe playing as NEEMA.
Just out of shot is the strangeness that is The Tollman playing as AMY.

This was about the Mid-point, DEREK (Yellow):I know unpainted minis: is about to pick up his second
Objective Token. His first Objective Token revealed a survivor to rescue/play as which was NED (Red)
in his Zombivore form. NEEMA (Burgundy) has just let rip with an assault rifle twice up the street.
RAOUL (Khaki) and AMY (Purple) are about to let loose with shotguns before clearing out with a
chainsaw. NED searched the Pimpmobile and found The Evil Twins (double shot pistols). They remind
of the scene in Resident Evil 2 (I think) when the S.T.A.R.S. offer the black guy a weapon and he reveals
his gold plated Desert Eagles and says "Please my shit is CUSTOM".

Toxic Abomination painted by Sheldon, pretty sweet for just a dip and Matt varnish. He's not finished
yet, going to look good later no doubt. It's only Sheldon and myself who paint out of our band of
Hobbynauts. The others are either too lazy or too scared to (don't ask).

These are Sheldon's Toxic Walkers, really cool now they have been based, had their spines picked
out and a dash of red wash added here and there. He didn't want to paint them properly as "they are
only board game pieces". I think time was also a major factor in his decsion to go down this route.
   We almost completed the mission, but the two and a half hour game turned into a three and a half hour game and time ran out on us. Some of us do have jobs you know. A great night was had by all, as usual, and we will gather to try and survive again next week. Zombicide seems to be our go to game at the moment, until I sort out the stuff for ATZ anyway. I don't know how regular these game night reports will be, or if anyone will show their faces next time, I'll try to take some shots every week but who knows.

   Remember the DUDE says "take it easy"


  1. Sounds like fun and I do love the Abomination as is.

    1. Thanks Joe
      I was great fun and I'll pass your compliment on to Sheldon.

  2. I LOVE Zombicide but I have yet to play any of the expansion games. This looks like a hell of a lot of fun!

    1. I only have Zombicide, its a great game. Sheldon brought Toxic City Mall it's a lot of fun. The Toxic zombies are lethal, cos if you kill them in melee they have acid blood and wound you too. Changes dynamic of the game somewhat!

  3. Looking fun. toxic zeds look great like that simple but very effective

    1. Thanks Simon
      It's a lot of fun. I'll pass the compliments along to Sheldon.