Friday, 21 February 2014


Another Christmas present off the kids, more post apocalyptic fun with added cannibals. The blurb on the jacket says :-

Bluevale was about all Howie had seen of the world. Even his pa, who knew everything, didn't know much about the way it was before the war.

Scriptures said all the unclean animals had been wiped out. Howie didn't know what that meant exactly. He'd seen horses. And stock, of course. Stock looked like humans. 'Cept stock had no soul. That's why they was meat.

Howie had a good life for a boy. Then the soldiers came. And what they did to his folks made him grow up right quick. He got his revenge - 'cept now the whole damn army was after him. But he had a huge country to run across ..........
 and lots of miles to stay alive.

Even among the grimness that is the post apocalyptic genre this ranks as one of the darkest I've read. It's got cannibalism, people skinned alive, dismemberment of sensitive body parts and numerous deaths.
 The story is told through strong dialogue and a narrative that focuses on the main character's (Howie) immediate surroundings and thoughts, which keeps the plot moving quickly forward.
  It shows more than it tells, leaving just enough indirect to keep a sense of intrigue. Many scenes and the plot as a whole veers in unexpected directions, packing some suprising punches.
  There were a few sex related things that might upset some people. Let's just say it gets a little rape-y here and a little embarrassing there and leave it at that.
  On the whole it was pretty well written and kept me turning the pages, it also made me think even if it was disturbing on several levels. I really liked it and would give it 8 out of 10.
  It has a sequel called Dawn's Uncertain Light which I haven't read yet, so I guess the kids know what to buy for my birthday now.

    The DUDE says "take it easy"


  1. Nice review, Bob, and another book to add to my list of novels to buy.

    1. Thanks Bryan
      It's dirt cheap on Amazon, although other vendors are available.

  2. You peeked my interest with this so much that I looked this up for Amazon Kindle - it's only £2.49 and £2.69 for the sequel "Dawn's Uncertain Light".

    1. Thanks Joe
      Glad you liked the review, I'm still old fashioned paper, but thanks for the heads up.

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  4. I shall add it to my list of books to read. :)