Thursday, 6 February 2014



These are the last of my Mantic "prisoner" zombies, the other bits have been  kept for conversions. The pictures don't seem as good this time, tried with natural light and a flash (as you can see from the glare) back to the previous setup I think. Although there was glare last time it didn't seem as prominent.
  After a quick exchange of e-mails with Joe it appears that a breakdown of my painting style would make a good post.
  The picture shows Left to Right: Archie the Arsonist, he's painted in an old
school horror movie style, the classic green skinned zombie.
  I've only got GW paints (have a shop 5 minutes walk away) and most of them are old, so not many of these colours are still available.

 Archie started unlife with a Catachan green basecoat, this was then given a quick overbrush (like a drybrush only wetter) with Camo green. After the basic skin pigments have been applied it's time to paint the clothes, in this case the, prison coverall theme, one coat of Blazing orange. Now I also choose hair colour if any and give that a single coat as well.
  Next comes some quick shading using Leviathan purple wash, any wounds, eye sockets, spinal detail etc. Then the whole model get's a heavy wash of Devlan mud, this dries to a matte-ish finish. When the wash has dried I then pick out eyes and teeth if big enough, finally then wounds and added gore applied using Red Ink. Base model and you are finished.
  Hope that helps.
  Next to Archie is a model with a head I've seen reffered to as the David Icke head, I can't see the resembelance my self. I shall be calling him Hungry Ray as he has brought a snack. Ray has been painted in a variation of my basic grey scheme, which I will go into detail in another post.
  Last in the line-up today is Half-face Harry, he's painted the same way as Archie.

   I'm finding this blog an excellent motivation to paint as nobody wants posts without pictures. Many of you might think why only 3 zombies this time. Well it's a bit of an experiment, to see if I could get tighter group shots, to show more detail.
           'til next time, in the words of the DUDE, take it easy.


  1. I do like the style of your painting, it's fairly individual. If I need figures with bright colours I too use an overbrushing technique, then normal blockpainting, somewashes to and highlighting. I've not seen the greenskin take on zombies used much - your's are very good and quite distinctive.

    1. Thanks Joe, I'm a sucker for the old green shufflers, I don't tend to highlight zombies too much, 1 it saves time, 2 they tend to get lost under all that wash, 3 I like my zombies like my women dirty LOL!
      I've split my horde into various colours for variety, green, grey, fleshy and pale flesh and will break each down in turn over the next few posts. I also want to try other skintones maybe brown or purple or blue.
      The amount of zombies required needed a relatively fast technique and washes make a model pop fast and easy.

    2. Great work as always, Bob. I particularly like the middle figure. The other two are a bit too dark and too green for me but that's just me. I paint most of my zombies with grey skin but my Ragers have light greenish skin just to make them look different.

  2. I don't think the lighting did me any favours this time. Never mind, there's nothing wrong with grey zombies Bryan, it's all down to personal taste, if we all liked the same thing life would be pretty boring. Besides grey is my second go to colour for zombie flesh.

  3. The 'prison break' theme is a nifty solution to modernising the Mantic fantasy legs, seen them repurposed as hospital gowns which look pretty cool too:

    1. Thanks hh
      I've seen those, very cool. In fact going to "borrow" that for a few other Mantics, might even try to add rags to torsos and arms.