Saturday, 1 February 2014


Oops! Got things arse about face this time.

ABOUT FACE! That's better.
Well incredible things have been happening here at the bunker. Zabadak(I hope I spelt it right this time?) and Vampifan have both viewed and commented on my blog. GAAAAHHHHH! Even better they are my first two followers.You have to understand that these guys are like zombie royalty. Thank you both so much.
 I will  try to remain calm for the rest of this post, but no promises.
 Right then onto the zombies, Left to Right: We have Road Worker Richard, he's a WF zombie. Then we have the first of two Mantic zombies this post, I mentioned last time that their rags were painted orange to represent prison coveralls. His name is The Animal, what he did in prison to get that nick-name doesn't bear thinking about.
 Again sharp-eyed viewers will notice that the next zombie is neither WF or Mantic, he is in fact an old Heroquest figure. I see him as a zombie who was at a fancy dress party when things went south, I'm going to call him Bubba in homage.
 Following Bubba, is another Mantic "prisoner" called Sven, mean as can be, well he was before he turned now he's just another flesh eating dead head. Finally we've reached a milestone, the last of my WF male zombies, who has been called Dai Two-dinners. I don't think I'll be putting any more of the Wargames Factory male zombies together, I think I'll just use the bits left for a couple of conversions.
  Have to mention Mathyoo, he has also left a comment. See, told you amazing things are happening. Did I mention my page views have rocketed to 282, incredible.
  'til next time, in the words of the DUDE, take it easy.


  1. Hah, no need to mention me, I'm just one of the many ;)

    Again, great work. especially the road worker - of course! I can't believe I never came up with that idea!

    Have you thought about converting some of the zombies, too?

    1. You took the time to comment, this should be acknowledged. Thank you for your praise. Yes I have converted some, results in a few weeks, I can only paint so fast.

  2. Great looking bunch, I really do like your painting style.

    1. Thanks Joe, I find the dirtier I make them the better they look

  3. Bob, I love the way you paint your zombies. They look totally disgusting but I mean that as a compliment. I haven't got round to making or painting any of my Mantic ghouls and zombies. Ditto for my Studio Minis plastic zombies. If you don't have any Studio plastic zombies and you'd like some then just drop me a line with your address and I'll send you some free of charge. I have far more than I'll ever need.