Wednesday, 14 May 2014


Right, first things first. It has come to my attention that my humble little blog has clocked over four thousand page views. When I started this, in January this year I never expected anything like this sort of response, it was purely to document my zombie gaming progress. To my surprise I came across an online community of zombie gaming enthusiasts, who have been very welcoming and very generous with their comments.

So I offer all of you who stop by to read a big thank you. An even bigger thanks goes to all those who take the time to comment on the nonsense that I put out. I find the comments inspire me to carry on posting, especially through the times when it seems like too much hassle or downright laziness takes over.

On top of the thanks, I have a few welcomes to get to. So without further ado let's crack on and get the welcome wagon back out of the shed . This time we welcome Brummie to the bunker. Welcome Brummie! He runs Brummie's Wargaming Blog. Go check it out, some beautifully painted figures, zombies and  post apocalypse feature heavily.
Our second welcome today goes to Billy Brand. Welcome Billy. I can't find a blog for you, let me know if you have one.
I would welcome my newest follower, if I knew who it was but they are not appearring on my follower list. Whoever you are welcome.

After completing the first tray of zombies for Zombicide, I thought I would take a little break and give myself a little reward. So I painted the Abomination that came with season one.

He's a real monster of a figure. I've taken the colours off the box, which is something I rarely do but I like the way he turned out. He's not getting a name, he's just The Abomination.
BZA's official photographer decided to change the backdrop.

Yes, I know. Too lazy to take it off.

Here's a pic to show some size comparision between the Abomination, a Fatty and a walker. Like I said he's a bit of a beast.
Abomination, Fatty and Walker.

These are some resin zombie heads my son brought me back from a little break he took with his friends. A really nice present and I use one as our first player token when we play Zombicide.
My son brought these back from "sunny" Porthcawl.

Well thanks for dropping by, that's it for today dudes and dudettes. Until next time heed the DUDE and "take it easy".


  1. He looks great. Quite a monster to deal with, eh?

  2. The Abomination is just awesome and a fearsome opponent.

    1. Thanks Bryan.
      We just tend to ignore him till we get the Molotov.

  3. He is superb, fabulous job Bob.

  4. He truly is an abomination, will he see any table-top play rather than boardgame play ?

    1. Thanks Joe.
      The intention is to use all the Zombicide stuff in table-top warfare, things are slowly heading that way. Very slowly unfortunately.

  5. Nice work El Duderino! Cool 1st player tokens too! Good Job Bob!